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About the company

We are the company having many years of experience and well-proven track record on the Polish market. We deal with purchase and processing of catalytic converters and ceramic monolith. We possess all permits required to purchase, process and transport. We purchase catalytic converters of all car models, in wholesale and retail. We provide our Clients with honest and favorable price terms and convenient cooperation conditions.

Car catalytic converters are integral part of the car equipment, however they become damaged, with time. We are presenting you a guide on how to sell a worn-out catalytic converter, which purchasing center to choose and what the valuation of catalytic converters consists of.

While choosing a purchasing center, it is best to be driven by the offered price and the good name of specific center. Each purchasing center of catalytic converters must possess appropriate authorizations and permits for transport and storage of the catalytic converters. Choice of such catalytic converters purchasing center guarantees that the whole transaction shall proceed efficiently and without unnecessary risk. Not without significance is also the price offered by the catalytic converters purchasing center. Often, however, it is revealed that the catalytic converters’ purchasing centers are distant from each other by a few or a dozen or so kilometers. In the following, how to choose a catalytic converters’ purchasing center offering the highest price? The best solution shall be to use an online evaluation, offered by the best catalytic converters’ purchasing centers. Evaluation of the catalytic converters online is the fastest way to compare the offers of the catalytic converters promptly. It is sufficient to take a picture of a catalytic converter and send it to a selected center. Additionally, it is recommended to describe the condition of the catalytic converter and car model.